From the Bedroom to the Boardroom

Helen Sánchez is a luxury brand designed to make women feel beautiful. Helen says of her design philosophy:

“I like to design garments that allow you to slip in and out of identities.” While crossing the boundaries between private and public, Innerwear as Outerwear is revealed in her pajamas, camisoles, gowns, slips and sexy lace bodysuits. Deliberately designed to stand alone in the boudoir or meant to be seen out, lingerie pieces are transformed into both casual and evening looks, integrating intimate apparel into her daily wardrobe. Too beautiful not to be seen in but undeniably a lingerie collection.




Described as “Classic and Timeless with a Contemporary Edge,” the Helen Sánchez brand tells a story. You can see it in her collections, inspired by men’s tailoring with feminine lines. From New York’s culture and its Art Deco movement, and architecture, film stars of Classic American Cinema, dark sexy film noir images, to classic motorcycles and the underground art and music scene of the 70s and 80s.
The brand embodies the Soul and Spirit of New York City.




Authenticity and timelessness are the trademarks of true luxury. Through word of mouth, Helen Sánchez has been steadily building a Luxury Brand, pairing sophistication with simplicity and applying this visionary approach with every step, defining and developing the brand. Made in New York City with attention to detail, each garment has a couture like approach with an understated elegance.