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It takes time to be timeless

Helen Sánchez luxury intimates is her own eponymous luxury brand designed and made in New York City, away from fast fashion.

The Helen Sánchez brand is instilled with a distinct made-in-New York heritage. Inspired with the concept of old world craftsmanship, refined tailoring with modern day fabrics. The brand is classic and timeless with a contemporary edge that demands exceptional quality and is recognizable.

Bringing intimates out of the closet is revealed in her everyday wardrobe. Signature details with sleek design is the DNA of the brand.

Created with a different approach to lingerie and sleepwear, Helen Sánchez shows a new direction on how intimate apparel is worn: crossing the boundaries between intimate and public. The concept of “innerwear as outerwear” is revealed in her pajamas, lounge pants, camisoles, gowns, kimonos and sexy lace bodysuits. Freely worn both at home and outside. Thus, transforming­ lingerie sleepwear pieces into casual and evening looks.

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